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MARMAC Severe Duty Cylinders

The MARMAC Severe Duty Cylinder is engineered to withstand extreme applications and environments that standard cylinders cannot handle. The unique construction of the MARMAC Severe Duty Cylinder makes it ideal for:

Foundries, steel mills or other high heat areas

Damp or high humidity areas

Clean areas for food and pharmaceutical applications

Underwater applications

High-speed applications

Heavy eccentric loads

Radioactive areas

Seismic areas

Superstructures that must rotate or remain in-line during vertical stroke

Cylinder loads that must remain elevated for long periods of time

Rotating or non-rotating applications

Decades of design and manufacturing experience go into every MARMAC Severe Duty Cylinder installation. MARMAC customers can count on reliable, long-lasting service, even in the most extreme environments.

MARMAC can help you determine your individual hydraulic lifting needs.

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