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MARMAC Differential Column Cylinders

MARMAC developed and patented the Differential Column Cylinder to provide design engineers an alternate method of raising platforms without installing a cylinder below ground. This dependable, long-lasting cylinder was specifically designed to handle eccentric loads.

The Differential Column Cylinder has several distinct advantages over the standard cylinder, including:

No travelling hydraulic lines attached to outer casing

Wide range of sizes, capacities and strokes

Lower installation cost

Greater eccentric loading capacity

Minimal bearing pressures

Easier selection of optimum operating pressures

Faster operating speeds

Multiple cylinder applications for greater capacities

Rotation of heavy loads with minimal force

Simplified equipment relocation

MARMAC differential column cylinders are available in various configurations to meet your specific requirements. Many modifications can be made in the field, saving you considerable time and expense.

MARMAC can help you determine your individual hydraulic lifting needs.

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